The Raid 2: Yeeeah-It’s Violent

Quite a while ago I wrote a brief post that talked about my walk through the top 250 movies on IMDB. Believe it or not, I am still working on that-I just haven’t been incredibly diligent in writing about the movies that I experience. This is a shame, because I have encountered some interesting movies. I am still intending on going back and writing about some of those experiences, but I will start with the most recent one-which I wasn’t absolutely thrilled by, but I did enjoy.

The Raid 2-surprisingly, was on my list. I’m not sure if it is still on the top 250, it’s the-raid-2possible that it ended up on my list because it had been recently released. It is a well made movie, however. But I am surprised that it, not the original-made the cut. I say that despite the fact that I have never seen the original, but I always do a little bit of research about the movie to understand more about what it is I should be appreciating (I am not really an expert at quality cinema, although I’m working on it!). Apparently the original represents a very well-crafted low-budget film by a very enterprising director. Raid 2 had a much larger budget-as can be seen by the high-quality stunts and effects accomplished in the film.

The movie is a Japanese film. The version that I watched had voice-overs, which I am sure many purists would be upset by. I didn’t choose that, but it happened to be the version that I watched. I enjoyed watching the film, but with a type of guilty pleasure-it was incredibly violent. I am not used to that, I fully admit it. Although I enjoy a good war movie, I am not used to movies that portray violence almost purely for the sake of The-Raid-2-Destaque.jpgviolence. That, I felt, was what Raid 2 represented. Yet, at the same time-the director did a fabulous job of portraying the events that it was difficult not to appreciate the violence in the movie. In a way, the director made violence into a beautiful thing. I don’t know whether to be impressed or disgusted by this, but it certainly is an accomplishment. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this film to anyone, but I cannot help but think about it. There have been a few movies that have stuck with me and I find it difficult to fully stop thinking about after I watch them-I believe this may become one of those.

I don’t know if I will ever watch this movie again, but I am glad I saw it-in a weird sort of way.


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