Quick and Easy Favourite: English Muffin Pizza

Hello all, so again- I Know this isn’t the most exciting meal. However, one of my goals is to be healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of meals that are healthy also happen to be difficult to make-or, even worse; they tend to be very time-consuming. As I often have an absence of time after arriving home, simple meals like this are a treasure. Never one to simpy slap some premade ingredients down, I do have a few fun twists. So, here it is:


Spoon some tomato sauce onto one side of an English muffin. I don’t like a really strong tomato flavour, so I tend to be sparing at this stage. Then, sprinkle some dried basil and oregano, as well as some ground black pepper on that. Add the cheese (traditionally mozzarella, but I personally prefer cheddar), and then a mixture of chopped veggies. I used green and yellow peppers and chopped leek. You can call this done, but for some extra fun you can add an egg. To do this, fry it only long enough to make it firm enough to hold shape- breaking the yoke before flipping. Then, place the egg on top and sprinkle some parsley on for good measure. Bake for 10 min at 375°, and you’re done!


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