Royal City Brewery: I Pledge My Allegiance


I think I have finally found it, and I am incredibly excited. I have been looking for some time for a local brewery that I can become a regular at-buying from their rotating tap, sampling their new beers, and keeping my fridge stocked. Not that I will discontinue purchasing random brews from my local LCBO, but I really wanted a local microbrewery that I could rely on for regular brews that I can keep available in my fridge. Mainly: I wanted a place to fill a growler. I will talk about the glories of the growler in a later post (hopefully), but for now I will simply give a quick explanation: it’s a big glass 2L jug that you can refill at a brewery.

Royal City is a brewery very close to me in Guelph, Ontario. It is very easy for me to get to, and it offers absolutely delicious beers. I am a passionate proponent of local craft and businesses, and I love supporting my local artisans. Thus, I am excited to embrace Royal City as my home brewery. I have tried many of their beers in the past, and have enjoyed a great many of them. Royal City is creative and willing to take risks, and that is important to me, as I very-much despise all of these microbrewery startups that refuse to brew anything but incredibly hoppy IPAs. The only thing that had been holding me back was the cost-I had gotten the mistaken belief that their prices for bottles were very high. I dropped by today for another glance, and I was very happy to discover that purchasing a growler was only $5.00, and filling up the growler could cost as low as $12,oo (I opted for the $16.00 “breakfast stout” oatmeal coffee stout, expect a future post about that beer!). I am very excited about starting a wonderful long-term relationship with a local brewer. So, wherever you are-drink a glass to me in toast of celebration!

Royal City Brewery website:



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