Nathan Martin

I have begun this journey of writing as a method of exploration for myself. I have been a part of blogging projects in the past, and maintained my blog “Trit’s Politics”, for a number of years off and on. I have found, however, that my writing was much too restricted and I was unable to depart from the central theme of the blog in order to explore other aspects of life that interest me. This current enterprise is an attempt to depart from a specific  subject in order to release myself to muse about a variety of topics. I have and will maintain a theme, however-only because this theme is a part of my life in a very natural and authentic way. The majority, if not all of my interests, seem to partly connect to the idea of aspiring to be a gentleman. I hesitate to use the word class in this explanation, as it implies a categorical status based upon wealth (of which I am not particularly endowed), but I confess myself to be interested in much of the historic pursuits of those who were termed the “higher class” of society. I lament the fact that, as social mobility and access has increased, those in the higher class have embraced the culture of the lower class, rather than the reversal. It seems to me that, as access to the luxuries of life has increased, those without a substantial financial backing should embrace the opportunity to enjoy the delights of sophistication. Instead, society as a whole seems to be gradually sinking to a level of common futility. I-in my life, and in this written journey-am intending on pushing against this trend. Thus, I pursue a knowledge of academia, philosophy, food and cuisine, linguistics, wine and alcohol, art, fashion, and any number of things that will supply me with a sense of sophistication. I also believe that a sense of humble pride (and I hope my readers understand what I mean by this), should be an aspiration for us all. We are to possess a confidence and willpower in ourselves, while remaining in humility. Arrogance is not the mark of a gentleman-it is the sign that an ignorant fool is present, who believes himself to know everything, and yet knows very little. So, I hope that this has given you sufficient explanation of what I am about-I welcome you to join in my journey by engaging in my posts, and even suggesting new topics for discussion.

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