Beer Night#1

Hello all,

I know-it’s been some time since I have articulated a single blog post to share with you all. One of the most ironic aspects of life is often life gets in the way of those activities that you do to make life less stressful. But here I am, the prodigal son, returning to my blog to share. I particularly wanted to write this post as I am feeling a little sad about the long-term absence of my dear friend Brunden, who has left for Scotland to do his Masters in Church History at the University of Edinburgh. Before he left, he came and visited my wife and I, and we spent a joyous night tasting various beers.

Guelph-20130904-00928This last hurrah before he left was an iconic moment of Brunden and my friendship-many of my quirky fascinations with all things old are shared in common with Brunden. For example, before he left, we determined that we would engage in a traditional mail conversation, in order to continue communication. (If you are reading this-I still haven’t received that first letter!) Beer tasting and sampling was a perfect activity for us-four beers were purchased, and we each had half of each one. The following includes the fruits of our labour.

The first beer that we tried is called “Montgomery’s Courage”, and is brewed by Black Creek Historic Brewery which, according to the website, “recreates the techniques, tools and recipes used by brewers in 1860s Ontario. [Their] Brewmasters do everything by hand on a small scale”. The Brewery is located in Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Ontario. Montgomery’s Courage is a Rye beer, which means that some Rye was substituted for some of the Barley Malt.

Style | ABV
Rye Beer |  5.00% ABV

Availability: Limited (brewed once). bottle (6).

Montgomery’s Courage, much like most of Black Creek beers, was brewed once and was not repeated. The interesting thing about this is the diversity that comes from the brewery. Unfortunately, it also means that they will likely never be more than sub-par, as no form of ongoing perfecting can occur. It wasn’t the worst beer I’ve had, but it also wasn’t anywhere close to the best.

Appearance: The beer had a light caramel colouring, with some light beading on the side of the glass. There was virtually no head to speak of, which was indicative of the low level of carbonation in the beer.

Nose: The nose was soft and light-it was hard at first to really pick up much. Light honey was probably the most noticeable, with some high notes of cherry-again, very light.

Mouthfeel: As I already mentioned, the beer had very light carbonation-to be honest, it felt rather flat. It was smooth and slides down the throat easy, which made it fairly drinkable, but not necessarily desirable due to the lack of texture.

Taste: Surprisingly, we found the beer to have some light cherries in the body. There was also some spiciness that neither of us could place. The finish was a fairly simple sweet light brown-sugar.

Overall: It was a simple beer that had very little special qualities to speak of. It wasn’t bad-I was able to enjoy finishing it, but not for any particular quality of the beer.

My rating:  ◊◊◊◊◊◊/◊◊◊◊

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