Before Sunset: Dialogue Perfection

I greatly enjoyed this movie! It’s a bit of a rarity on the top 250 list on IMDB, as it is a romance with virtually no action whatsoever. What makes the movie so very well-regarded is the absolutely masterful work of dialogue that permeates the film. The back-and-forth between the two main characters (and only characters) spreads wide in the topics, and what is truly striking is how natural it is. As you watch the film, you are completely and entirely convinced that you are intruding on a wonderful conversation between two people who (spoiler alert) genuinely are destined to be together. Actually, I don’t think that really spoiled anything-you figure that out pretty quick. What is amazing is that you believe it. The movie manages to portray true love in a way that is entirely believable and authentic-something that is very lacking in the majority of romantic films that have been produced. The characters are flawed their interactions are not always perfect, and the train of their romance is messy and complicated. This is life.

Even if you are a complete fan of action, and hate when you are dragged into watching a romance-this movie is easy to enjoy. For you guys out there-this movie is a great idea for a romantic stay at home date night that will really impress your girl, and won’t drive you bonkers-because it is a quality film-and the best part? It does not portray unreachable and implausible expectations for romance. Check this movie out!


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