Movie Adventure

So yeah…been a while. To be honest, I don’t think I’m particularly regretful about being away from this blog for so long-to me, this is something that I do for the enjoyment of it; when I get a creative inkling about something, or when I feel like writing about a topic. This is probably frustrating to those readers who were following some of my beer posts, or my cultural posts, or my whatever-so I do appologize. But, I never want this blog to become a task or job that I must complete, it is something that I wish to do as pure enjoyment.

Now that is out of the way, let me explain what my intentions are for the temporary future of this blog of mine. I say temporary as I will likely change tactics eventually, and I am sure that I will ever now and again write on other things that are different from this intended goal. I am working my way through the top 250 movies on IMDB, and absolutely loving the experience. The top 250 that I am running on is not the most recent-I copied the list that was current when I began about 6-7 months ago, so there are movies that are on the list now that I will not be getting too-at least in the current run-through. I am loving the experience, as I am discovering many old movies that I never would have had the opportunity to watch. So, I thought I might as well share my movie-travels with the internet world, partly as a way to encourage the rest of you to do it. If you are interested at all in quality movies, there are some movies on this list that you really should check out. So, there you go-my goal has been stated, we’ll see how it goes! I’ve already watched quite a few on the list, so I may pump out blog posts fairly quickly at first. We’ll see.

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