(D)Anger Kills

Sometimes I become angry at the silliest most inconsequential things. I am even often aware of the ridiculous nature of my anger at the time. Thankfully, these occurrenceshow-to-control-your-anger are often easy to restrain, as I am able to utilize reason in pacifying myself. Unfortunately, however-there are other occasions in my life when I am not equipped with this tool, as reason acts as a wick to the explosives-igniting rather than extinguishing my frustration due to the so-called just nature of my cause. Contrary to common assumptions: not every battle deserves a sword. Sometimes warriors should only utilize a shield.

The frustrating thing about this is that-more often than not, the person who is most able to frustrate and exasperate is that person whom you love the most. For me, I can get angry at my wife for the most ridiculous of reasons sometimes. It is probably because I am so very vulnerable with her-but there truly is never an excuse for becoming angry at a person whom you love. Frustrated? Maybe-but never angry. Anger is not an evil thing, but it should be used as a tool against those who commit unjust acts against others. It is what fuels the fire in resisting wrongdoing. It is certainly not for winning an argument with one’s spouse, children, or friends. For this reason, this is near the top of my list on things I must conquer as I aspire toward gentlemanly ways.

Again, I am not suggesting that anger is wrong in all circumstances. But we should never allow passions and situations to control us-it must be the other way around. I must choose when I allow myself to become angry, and that choice must be motivated by love of goodness. I have failed in this many times, but I write it here as a commitment. We live in a world fueled by anger-selfishness and anger are close bedfellows. I am choosing to reject it, as I renounce such control over my life. I challenge you to do the same.


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