Shaving Like A Man

20160305_192327It’s time to man up and quite shaving like you’re still going through puberty and only need it once a week or-even worse, once a month. What am I saying? Shave every day-that is my new mission. To be a true gentleman, you must be well-groomed and diligent about how you look. This means consistently shaving, not just when you have the time or when you feel like it.

I know that I have not been good with this particular aspect of gentlemanly behaviour until very recently-and this is particularly bad for me, as I have a rather thick beard. One of the things that has helped me to kick it into gear is the right tools. I, like many people, started shaving with a disposable razor, scraping away the bits of hair scattered around my face. Then-the big upgrade. I went and bought myself a Mach3 Turbo when I was around 15, and I used that same razor for the next 10 years. Never changed the handle, and often put off replacing the cartridge to save money. Well-it was certainly time for a change. If you are anything like me, having the right tool or gadget is enough to get you excited about building better habits (this probably won’t be the last time I blog about that!), and that is exactly what I needed to better my daily grooming habits. So, I took the plunge-and signed up for DollarShaveClub. I cannot tell you how excited I was when my new razor and cartridges finally arrived-I knew it was way past time to better my shaving gear, and get serious about shaving.

So far-it’s worked. I am finding myself more confident daily, as I walk around knowing that I am well-put together. This has prompted other changes in my grooming habits, including upgrading my hair-styling product (turns out there are better things out there than dollarstore hair gel, more on this later!). To be honest with you, the DollarShaveClub razor that I received isn’t the best-the handle is pretty cheap-feeling, although I did purchase the lowest tier. However, it has had the intended effect. So, if you are like I was-do something. Sign up for DollarShaveClub, or check out Harry’s Razors, or do what I am intending-going old-school and use some old double-edged razors and shaving soap. But, whatever you do-it’s time to man up. Your grandpa shaved every day-he also worked hard and got it done. Time to step it up!


2 thoughts on “Shaving Like A Man

  1. I like the concept, but personally I like a good full manly beard. So I have a question, how far down the neck is it acceptable to grow this dignified symbol of heightened testosterone?

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