So, recently I have been working on something that I never thought I would really bother with, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the enjoyment I have gained through it. I am talking about the items that I carry in my pocket-known as my EveryDayCarry, or EDC. For years, I never really thought about what I had in my pocket. Of course, there are the basics-my wallet, a pen, keys, random other things. But I never really thought about it, and I was never intentional about it. I was recently talking to my brother, however, about his mild obsession with EDC-it is a hobby of his-so much so that he showed me a website devoted to EDC (here’s the link if you are interested). I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I have been concentrating on being more intentional about all aspects of my life, and the EDC concept kept returning to me. So, I decided to dive in-my wife had bought me a cellphone case for Christmas that I had changed my mind about, so I ended up not using it. I reconsidered the concept, and was able to downsize the items that I carry around in my wallet to fit it all inside the cellphone case (as you can see in the pic).This meant that I was able to actually stop carrying a wallet-a surprisingly liberating feeling. I eliminated a bunch of keys that had been hanging around for no reason at all in order to clear significant space in my pockets-picked my favourite pen, and added a double-ended sharpie and a nice small pocket knife to round out the kit. My pockets have been decluttered and made more utilitarian, and I love it! Who would have thought that something so very simple would be so fulfilling! Something that I am learning is that it is often the little things in life, the little changes that you can make-which lead to a better lifestyle. Being more intentional, having the right tools accessible, and streamlining the right path is the way to go. So, here is my shout-out to the wonderful world of EDC.edc


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