Shawshank Redemption

As my first movie review, conversation, or whatever you want to call it on this blog, it makes sense that I will discuss the movie that sits solidly at the very top of the list. Shawshank Redemption is an absolutely fabulous film. To be honest, I can’t point out anything in particular that makes it so very brilliant-but perhaps that is what is so great about it. Many movies on the top 250 have specifc aspects that make them particularly exceptionary-“M” from 1931 contains clever and brilliant dialogue; many of Hitchcock’s films represent original and ground-breaking camerawork; and Charlie Chapmin films can be noted for the brilliance of movement and transition. But, I feel as though Shawshank Redemption is perhaps the greatest film of overall enjoyment. The story is engaging, deep, and moving, and the camera-work is completely unnoticeable, which is exactly what the film needs-you are able to easily forget the fact that you are watching a film. Nothing draws attention to the separation of the viewer from the action, meaning that you quickly sink into the world being created on screen. The acting, quite clearly, is flawless.

Shawshank is infinitely re-watcheable. There are certain movies that are certainly worth watching, but not necessarily worth watching twice. Shawshank has so much going on that gives it a depth and intense facination unparralleled by almost any other film. It is one of those films that you can throw on any time if you are in the mood to watch a film that you are guarunteed to enjoy.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Shawshank Redemption is the fact that, in the end, the most noticeable feature is the story itself. It is a story about a man who perserveres-a man who seems to simply be good. It is about this good competing with evil, and eventually overcoming. In the end, what is there not to love?


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