Crossing the Mist

man_in_the_fog____by_reddog54It is with a professed uncertainty that I take each step, my strides suppressing an ever-present urge to either flee or collapse in an entangled heap of restrained apathy. As that which inspires looses the luster it once held, due to the demystifying effect of knowledge-my eyes grow dim with a fatigue that finds roots in a much deeper place then empirical placement. Driving force, the telos of an individual, cannot be implanted. But can it be discovered? Moralists speak of the “moral compass”, which points the way to virtuous vigour-does it also point to the road? This dusty road that I am on-is it the right one? I am standing still now. Gazing around at the ethereal mist that fills the sky with haze and trying to capture with my eyes a pinpoint of light to guide me. Stillness brings the emergence of apathy, and apathy brings fear of the nothing. Listless, with a burning passion that dissolves in action.  I have lost my stride-which way was I going? No matter-I throw my fists in the air and take a step. One…more…step…

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