Who am I?

Self examination is, in all likelihood, the most important activity that can be undertaken by an individual who desires growth in life. Who am I? I am a manager, a husband, a friend. I am, in a very deep way, a part of the body of Christ-but what makes me my own essence? Who you are is, I believe, intrinsically linked to how you will be motivated to achieve whatever it is that you are seeking to accomplish. When I think of myself, I thinkGottlieb_The_Artist_s_Hand_16x20_reduced that I am an academic-someone who pursues knowledge and desires an ever-increasing level of depth in understanding the world, particularly through the lens of political theory. Aside from this, I view myself as a people person-someone who enjoys conversing with others. I am traditional-I aspire towards emanating many of the old ways of doing things. All of these glimpses of me come together to paint a picture of who I would consider myself to be. But, as the literary imagery demands-there is a question implied in the metaphor of a painting. Who holds the paintbrush, and what is the motivation of those strokes taken? Do I paint my own image? If so, what is the identity of the painter-without the paint? I do not pose this question as a metanarrativeĀ  or existential investigation-I am not looking that high in this-I am simply asking the question: “who am I?”

Who indeed.


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