Big, Harry, and Audacious

As is fairly evident, I have decided to change the appearance of my blog somewhat. The reason for this is simple-I want to redirect the purposefulness of my entries and return to my initial desire for creating the blog. At the outset, I had intended on using this blog to enterprise myself in a project of self-improvement, particularly focused on developing a sense of gentlemanly conduct in the various aspects of my life. Of course, I also want it to be an outlet for my varying interests, including my beer, food, and fashion fascinations. But I also want to utilize the blog as a goal-setting and tracking forum for myself. This is not to say that I will post ridiculously boring blurbs about what is going on in my life-I want to use it as a self-examination, but through discussions on more universal and wide concepts. As well, I find that when I deliver information on aspects of life to others, I am able to internalize the information much more effectively. So, to use the business phrase-my new “big, harry, audacious goal” for this blog is to get better in every aspect of life. You may see the format of this blog change a few times in the next week or so, as I am still deciding exactly how I want to move forward, but I am optimistic!

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