New shoes…

imageI have been looking for a pair of good black dress shoes for some time now at my store. I am financially disinclined to spend a large, or even seminal amount of money on a new pair of shoes when I know that the moment that I do so, a nice pair will arrive at my store. So,  have been waiting patiently for a new pair to arrive, and lo and behold-my shoe sorting volunteer informed me that a nice shiny pair has come in that is just in my size. I have been walking around in them for the past few days to see how they work. They do fit, but I had forgotten about that terrible time experienced after purchasing a new set of shoes-training them. I have still not been able to fully determine whether it is the shoes or my own feet that end up giving traction in the battle, as given the pain experienced at times, I am suspicious that my feet are moulding to the shoes, rather than vice versa. I wear black dress shoes at all times, despite that I am trudging around my store non-stop throughout the day and occasionally go on pickups with the truck which take me in some muddy and precarious places. This means that I need my shoes to be nice and comfortable. This doesn’t seem to fully happen until they are very well-worn. Then-unfortunately, they last for about 3 months and it is time to replace them. What about you? How often do you purchase new shoes, and how much are you willing to pay for them? I believe that shoes tell a lot about a person. I wear black dress shoes all of the time-I hope this projects and image of professionalism. The heals also give me better posture. What are your turn-to shoes, and what do they say about you?

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