Why men’s coloured pants are on sale…

It matters very little how many celebraties and models the fashion world convinces to don their newest plan for invigorating men’s fashion-there are some lines that simply will not be crossed. As a man aspiring to reflect the nobility and sophistication that had previously been the persuit of gentlemen, I cannot say that this distresses me a great deal. I cannot imagine anything more destructive to a man’s image of gentry than sporting pants that have colours pulled straight from a box of highlighters or a particularily enthusiastic pixar film.
I mentioned this in the title, but I should explain the context of this post. My wife and I were recently shopping in the mall, and we happened to stray into H&M. As I was browsing the available atire, I noticed that the cheapest available option in the store were brightly coloured pants. They were on sale for $7. I began to notice similar trends in other stores as well. I have naturally concluded that the experiment was unsuccesful. Men have clung to their more conservative colour schemes for their bottom halves. Any male style that seeks to embody female fashion is destined to fail in time. A man (rightly so) is still a man.

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