Coffee, the drink of champions!

Ok, so maybe its not all that, but I sure do love it myself! There is something immensely satisfying about sitting down and enjoying a delicious coffee while reading the news or a good book. Really, I enjoy it so much more if I am reading or merely sitting and contemplating. Drinking coffee while talking or watchingcoffee television is fine, and I do this relatively often, but these things do not compliment each-other. One thing that I have learned is that it is not only different types of food and beverages that can add enjoyment to each-other. Coffee is better when enjoyed under certain occasions, in the same way that a glass of scotch and a pipe are enjoyed so much more when enjoyed together. Drinking while reading allows you to stop and really take in the flavour. Newspapers or good magazines (in my case Macleans), are particularly good because you pause between articles, take a sip, and process what you’ve read before moving onto the next article. Besides-the image is just so perfect!

So-how to be a coffee drinker, not simply drink coffee? This is important-if you drink coffee, you cannot simply go on and use your coffee perk to make your morning folgers or maxwell. It is time to purchase a french press and a coffee grinder. Now hold on-you’re gonna complain and say how expensive that is. Well, I have come to discover something absolutely marvelous-it isn’t expensive at all. (I know, a bit melodramatic, but it’s true!). A french press can be purchased from $5-$15, depending on the size and brand. Don’t worry about the brand though, because it’s just a tube with a mesh press. How can you mess that up? As to the coffee grinder-$10.00 easy. If you go to your local thrift store you can buy it starting at $2.00 (no, I’m not kidding). They’re all over the place these days. Actually, even if you use a magic bullet you’re good to go. Now you buy the beans-whole beans. Don’t be too stingy-I would say that whatever your budget was for ground coffee can remain your coffee budget (until you become addicted to the good stuff!), but be cautious-look around and find some that you will like. Ok, so here’s the other complaint-you want your coffee fast and easy. Well, here’s a basic principle of being a gentleman: you have to work for good things. Sometimes you need to work even if you don’t actually have to, because you’ll appreciate it so much more that way.

To make freshly ground, french-press brewed coffee (the very best kind!): I have a 1 cup french press, and this is what I do. I put 2 scoops of coffee beans in my grinder and set the kettle. I don’t grind the beans until the kettle is boiled, then I grind them (it only takes about 4-5 seconds). Pour the ground coffee into the french press and pour in the water. Wait for about 5 minutes, then press your coffee, pour, and enjoy. I use cream and sugar-some coffee connoisseurs condemn this, but whatever-do what will make you enjoy the coffee. Over time you will learn exactly how much beans to grind, how long to wait, and any other tricks you like to make your perfect cup. But, as I said, it is important that you put time into making coffee, because it is not a drink of a gentleman otherwise. When you enjoy a can of pop, you are enjoying the easy-access world of today. When you diligently prepare something and enjoy it one sip at a time, you are engaging in a deeper appreciation of pleasure, and are connecting to the rich culture and history of coffee (yes, coffee).

One thought on “Coffee, the drink of champions!

  1. Well, now you’ve intrigued me to go out and get intentional about my caffeination. (Apparently that’s not a word). I totally agree with this and it’s something I’m striving toward in many aspects of my life. This reminds me of a couple martial arts movies I’ve seen where they talk about the importance of properly preparing a cup of tea and doing things just right. Too often I opt for the energy drink when an extra 10 minutes could mean a much healthier, much classier and finer option.

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